June 26, 2017 Edgard Michel


XFIT15 is a HIGH INTENSITY FITNESS Program that empowers you to stay motivated on your terms. Whether you are a first time user or seasoned athlete, you get to customize the most comprehensive 15 minutes work out arrangements you will experience; select your very own XFIT15 trainer and they come to you. You can choose to work out at home, in your hotel room/gym, at the office, or work out in the park, and our trainers come equipped with our high intensity 15 minute XFIT15 workout program that promotes both broad and targeted fitness goals.

Our focus is to improve the quality of life with the XFIT15 system. Our program enforces balance and total fitness through a series of exercises that work together to improve muscular endurance, enhance joint stability, increase flexibility and neuromuscular efficiency via the support of the most diverse and innovative trainers that have been carefully selected. Like our program, our trainers are committed to improving your lifestyle with a comprehensive system of benefits that extend past just getting fit right now. Even more, our philosophy maintains that physical and psychological benefits go hand in hand, especially for those committed to long-term training and healthy eating habits. Our results have proven that dramatic decreases in body fat, while substantially increasing a lean body mass results in improved cardiovascular efficiency, increased metabolism, tissue tensile strength, and bone density.