June 26, 2017 Edgard Michel

Who are the trainers?

Motivation is the major driving force for our fitness program’s success, and at XFIT15, our personal trainers are committed to keeping you motivated. They go above and beyond while working with you to help you achieve your fitness goals, and tailor training sessions to suit your individual needs.

XFIT15 Personal Trainers are licensed and certified from the top training institutions across the United States. Our network comprises the most experienced, qualitative and dedicated experts who have all navigated the world of fitness at many different levels, are familiar with the most popular fitness establishments/clubs and approach fitness in a very holistic way. Not only are they trained by the best, but they are also the best.

In addition to being certified, trainers must pass our intensive XFIT15 trainers’ program before they can commence working with clients. This program is designed to teach the trainers the fundamentals and the uniqueness of our fitness program.